All About Electron Magazine and The Electron Show

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The Electron Show new episode every Monday

All About Electron Magazine and The Electron Show –

Electron Magazine is the magazine for a positively charged culture. In the past, it was easy to see what was hip and new. It was seen walking down the street. Like in the 1980s it was easy to see guys walking down the street with colorful clothing and a boom box. Or someone with a Sony Walkman.

This is today. We are busy with the latest favorite game on a big screen monitor playing our circle of friends and using Skype to talk as we play. It’s not out there to be seen. It is something experienced.

Electron Magazine and The Electron Show is all about our time and the way we play and live.

We want to have fun, play hard and live a better life. Eat well and play better. We have friends all over the world as we connect to a virtual world. This is a new century and we are a new generation.

The Electron Show

We are a secret club of technogeeks.

We want and hope you can be one of us.

We invite you into our secret facility every week and share stuff we do that’s cool to us. We do what lots of groups all over the world do every day. We have fun, play hard, work hard and improve our lives every day.

We love life and what the universe has to offer. We hope you feel the same way.

What turns us on could be technology, art, scientific discovery, video games, a good movie, music that rocks no matter what the style, cool people that do cool stuff and anything that gives us a positive charge.

The show has an interesting cast of a real group of technogeeks. This is something we do every day and one day had the idea to share it with you. Our hope is that in sharing our efforts with you that your life will be better and that you will in turn share cool stuff with us.

Who is this group that makes us The Electron Show ?

The gang of technogeeks is made up of Retro, Meletius, Darkeone (old English spelling), Misun and of course Miss Terry (pronounced: mystery)

Retro is a living, breathing encyclopedic techno-geek that embraces the new while building upon the proven. Some say he came to this planet by bailing out of a damaged space craft just before it crashed in New Mexico and was released by the authorities after agreeing to share the technology behind the solid state transistor. A true believer in time travel, electrostatic fields and lines of magnetic flux.

Meletius could be best described as Electron Magazine’s “court jester”. Apart from all the humor, he is a dedicated and talented game analyst who is particularly adept at discovering game glitches. An artist who prefers acrylic on canvas and digital for working on his graphic novels. He is happiest when killing zombies.

Darkeone is Electron Magazine’s resident game console archaeologist. He works to get to the bottom of everything concerning technology. Darkeone is usually found digging through mounds of old technology at pawn shops, flea markets and yard sales. He has a particular desire to preserve the history of electronic games and has one of the largest antique game console collections in the world.

Misun is the resident book worm for Electron Magazine. Some say she fits somewhere between Radical Edward and Tank Girl. After a good book, her favorite things are Metroid and Tobuscus videos. Quick thinking and fast at the draw, she enjoys regular board games of Stratego and Risk. A young philosopher who often quotes Benjamin Franklin. Best not to meet her in a game of Laser Tag on the other team.

Miss Terry (Mystery) is not a real person. She is an artificial intelligence created by Retro based on “the Eliza Project” from the 1960s. It was originally a way to produce the show within the tight budget we had. We needed a show announcer and it became obvious to all during one of our Conversation Pit sessions over strong coffee that the new voice synthesized version of Miss Terry could be programmed to make the appropriate announcements for the show. She may be a little buggy at times and the voice can stutter and be of a weird pitch at times, but we feel she best represents the spirit of new technology we seek to present.

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