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Skeletal_Fire_MageIn Adventure Quest Worlds, getting enough gold has always been a problem for everyone playing. Until, that is, I discovered a quest known as the Fire Gem.

This daily quest can be found either in the ye old inn (in Battleon) or in Swordhaven (in the Lore 13 lords of chaos known as the Swordhaven War).

The quest is done by killing multiple Skeletal Fire Mages (as seen in the picture to the right). If you kill enough of them, you will acquire the quest item for the Fire Gem quest.

Turn in the quest, and you’ll get the weapon that looks completely awesome, the Burn It Down staff. This thing looks cool, does a lot of damage (if enhanced), and above all, it sells for a lot of gold. To be exact, 12,500 gold. This weapon goes well with almost any armor.

Burn_It_DownRemember, the Fire Gem quest is a daily quest (a quest that can only be done once every day). If this quest is done every day for one month, it will give you 375000 gold! With that, you can buy almost everything!

Also, while doing the quest, as you kill the Skeletal Fire Mages, you can get the Fire Mage’s staffs. It sells for 2,000 gold, so combined with the gold you get from selling the Burn It Down staff, you can get 14,000 gold!

Believe me, this easy trick makes money making go a lot faster.

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