Are Older Games Better Than Newer Games?

| March 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

SONY DSCWe all have our beginnings. And video games, too, had their early days when there was only Pong and a couple of other obscure titles with their game consoles. Some of the older consoles that I can remember is the ancient Odyssey and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). But we’re not talking about that. So let’s get to business.

Super_Mario_Bros_NES_coverLook at those graphics! That 8 bit graphics! Many people hate the older games because of their low pixel count, saying, “Those games are ancient! Look at this Call of Duty game!” And then they show you something with very high graphics (that almost looks real).

And, well, most people are like that.

Yes, the graphics are low in the old games, yes they’re from the ancient times, and yes the new games have amazing graphics. But think about the stories of the older games compared to the newer games.

You see, even without speech or something compared to speech, the older games were able to capture you into the story and able to make you care for the characters. Like that one old game where this creature hatches in front of you, thinks your its mother, follows you around, and then sacrifices its very life for you, allowing you to defeat the final boss with a super duper hyper beamy thing. The older games have heart.

COD-GhostsAnd newer games have story, yes, have good characters, have amazing weapons and amazing graphics, but there’s one thing missing from all of this. Where’s the heart? And what I mean is, where is the core of the story? Where’s the emotion? Where’s the bonding the player has with the other characters of the story? Where is the heart and soul of the game itself? Where’s the love?

It seems like all there is in newer games is blood and action. There’s no real drive to the story. No oomph. No real heart and soul.

minecraft_ScreenshotAnd have you noticed that 32 and 18 bit games are coming back now? And these games are, surprisingly, good? Like the game Witch’s House. It’s 32 bits, and it’s the scariest thing in the world. The older sounds that aren’t high definition like the sounds we hear in newer games make this game horrifying.

And what about Minecraft? It’s low in pixel count, yet it exploded!

Maybe newer games are better than older games, and newer games that are coming out that are 32 and 18 bit are wanting to go back to their roots.

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  1. Retro Randy says:

    The working word here is “better” …

    I never have a better laugh with friends like we do playing old Atari 2600 games.

    Like SLOT RACERS !!!

    Simple – blocky – very much 1970s pong graphics but with color … but such hand/eye coordination and having to think ahead with strategy – then the play just makes great fun and belly laughs !

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