Black Cat

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Black_Cat_AnimeBlack Cat, the manga series done by Shonen Jump years ago (and which was turned to anime series as well), struck me as something like a mash between Cowboy Bebop and some kind of chi-power anime, but it’s entirely original. And I loved every issue of it till the end!

The main character, Train, and his partner Sven are Sweepers, which are basically bounty hunters. While trying to get a bounty, they get mixed up with a girl that’s looking after the same man as they. So, they work together to get the bounty. But when something major happens, man, the beans hit the fan.

One thing I love about this manga, is the characters. Sven is the cool “ladies man” guy. Train is the also cool but funny main character. Eve is the intelligent young girl. Rinslet is the seventeen year old that got into a big mess with them. There are many other characters, of course, but if I tell you about them, it’ll ruin the main story and back-story to the characters.

Black-Cat-Complete-SeriesAnd another thing I love is the powers that these people can do with their chi! Like this one girl can control heat, while one can manipulate his own blood, and another can use his own chi to make an invisible blade.

This manga series is amazing. I love it. It reminds me so much of what I wanted to see in manga and comics. It has great characters (good guys and bad), awesome powers, and great story.

And the anime was just as good.

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