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Electron Magazine MTAC 2014 Cosplay Costumes Photo by Tony Rollo

Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_300w_11Cosplay is a integral part of Anime conventions. MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) has some of the finest examples of cosplay.

MTAC 2014 was an exceptional convention in cosplay fantasy costumes. Many spend an entire year in their spare time preparing their cosplay costumes. The results are simply stunning. Some convention attendees go for costumes that are more comfortable and can be worn every day. But some go to extreme detail in their costumes.

Every MTAC Anime Convention has a costume contest. Some of those who enter the costume contest go to great lengths to be as accurate as possible in their imitations of anime and manga characters. Some enter just for the fun of it and go for laughs from the audience. Whatever the motivation, the cosplay costume contest at MTAC should not be missed.

Cosplay is a visual performance art. The main sources for costume inspirations are from manga, anime, comic book characters, movies and of course video games.


Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_300w_25On the Internet, cosplayers exists in social subcultures and groups. They exchange ideas and techniques in order to improve their costumes. Cosplay popularity has increased greatly since the 1990s. In Asia, cosplay is a significant part of popular culture. The practice of cosplay extends back over a century.

The term “COSPLAY” is attributed to a member of a Japanese studio during the 1983 Worldcon convention in Los Angeles, California. It is a term derived from the words “costume” and “play”. However, the Japanese pronunciation is more “kosu-pure”.

One main aspect of true cosplay is that the costumes are created by those who wear them. Extreme care and pride is taking in their creations.

Cosplayers do enjoy the attention they receive when wearing their costumes. They love being photographed. Many of the costumes do not allow their identity to be known as they become their character.

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Great ideas for your own Cosplay costumes or just to enjoy the fun of Cosplay.

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Video Game Cosplay character example from the game Dead Space


Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_300w_9The costumes many times reflect the cosplayer’s favorite character. Some strive to create a new costume each year. Some continually improve their costumes and a never ending hobby. Whether it is simply an expression of being creative or an expression of identifying with their favorite character, the cosplayer take great pride in their costumes and appearance.

It is not uncommon for a cosplayer to travel and attend conventions in groups. Sometimes, costume choices reflect this. The group will sometimes choose a particular group of characters to appear as. At MTAC, it is common to see entire families from mom, dad, the kids and even babies in strollers appear in matching costumes or as characters from the same show or favorite comic book.


Misun of The Electron Show Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_600w_27_MTAC_TITLE

Misun from The Electron Show encounters a Noir Pickle Detective

Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_300w_12Movies are a big subject for cosplayers.

Is this the real Silent Bob ?

Who knows?!?

Just enjoy the convention…


Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_300w_5Japanese Anime is always a cosplay favorite.

Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_300w_16Could this be the Black Knight from Monty Python And The Holy Grail?

“None Shall Pass!”



A group of friends drove 2 hours to MTAC with their “designated human”

Electron_Magazine_MTAC_2014_Photo-by-Tony-Rollo_300w_26Some cosplay costumes are amazing but one must consider the human needs of the wearer!



Some MTSU film documentarians getting pointers from Wolverine






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