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Can we create drinking water from air? The answer is YES !

Electron Magazine Drinking-Water_from_air_320wIt’s not magic. It’s engineering.

Imagine living in a place that is a desert with no water. However, there is 98% humidity in the air.

The solution is to get the water out of the air. There is an extreme lack of drinking water in Lima, Peru which is in what is essentially a desert.

Engineers at UTEC did just that. It’s not something new as far as the principle, but the way they went about the task is quite ingenious and intrepid.

Water is in the air. That’s what humidity is. In some places in the world like Peru, the humidity level can be 98% in the hot summer.

That’s a lot of water you’re “breathing”. Taking the humidity out of the air is the same principle behind air conditioners, which we in developed nations enjoy without thinking much about it.

The really smart application is that UTEC (University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru) not only promoted itself with a billboard for the admissions test to enter the university, but put that billboard to use for the people around it.

The billboard condenses the air that comes in contact with its surface. It uses reverse osmosis and then holds the resulting potable water into a storage tank inside the billboard. A faucet allows access to the water.

UTEC water billboardThe project won a Gold Outdoor Lion at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.
UTEC water billboard water bottle

Photos courtesy of UTEC


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