Dragons of Atlantis

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mighty-dragon-atlanis-logoThere is no story, yet there is, for you can create your own in the city you build.

You may choose your own avatar from four different tribes: Primus, Solerian, Amazon, or Zolmec. From that, you may choose what tribe character you want to be. Then, after you name your character, it is off to your city that you can create and name.

city-overviewWith your alliance that you can make, you can build a army of soldiers and allies and attack neighboring empires, lakes, mountains, and deserts. Because of the messaging system, you can easily message someone to tell them to join your alliance. Or, if you decide to join another person’s alliance, you can build and attack with the alliance’s army to become more powerful.

The empire you build and name needs business, people, and soldiers to protect it. You can place houses, factories, mills, mines, and quarries down to increase population and business needed for your empire. Garrisons will be put down to train new soldiers so that you may attack empires or defend your city, and if you do attack with a great dragon, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you.

the-great-dragonIn your city is a mighty dragon that protects it, the Great Dragon. With your Great Dragon (that is always female), you may breed more dragons. Just find more dragons eggs that are male, and you can breed hybrids of two dragons to create the most powerful dragon ever! Who knows what will hatch?

You can interface with people not only in chat, but message them directly. That helps if you need pointers, want others to know you want them to join you in your alliance, or to tell them to prepare for battle. With this, you’ll have dozens of people join, interact with you, or whatever you like! (You can make a lot of people your friends and enemies with it, too.)

WARNING!!! When you start The Dragons of Atlantis, you are given one week to build your city, train forces, and choose o create your own alliance. Why a week? Well, after the week is over, you and your enemies will be able to attack one another and conquer each other.

Have fun conquering!

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  1. stupid man says:

    cool beans misun

    • Misun says:

      Well thanks, stupid man! (Nice name, by the way) I hope you enjoy Dragons of Atlantis; it’s such a good online game. I love it and always will. I hope you played it and enjoyed it!

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