Electron Magazine Video Of The Week – Lump – The Presidents Of The United States Of America

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The_Presidents_of_the_United_States_of_America_1995There is music that transcends time.

At one time, the founding fathers of Electron Magazine were among the very first to spin their music on terrestrial Rock Radio.

The Presidents Of The United States Of America draws upon a musical influence that permeates musical history from the 20th century.

It could be Rockabilly from the middle of that century, Punk Rock from the latter part of the century or Classic Rock. But it is all Rock just the same. Ageless Rock.

And who would have the stones to adopt such a hideously long name for their band? It would be a band that rocks so well – so VERY good – that their very name is part of the joke that makes up the music they make. But like any esquisite joke that goes viral, so did this band in the latter 20th century.

It takes true skill and musicianship to be so free with real pop music.

We at Electron Magazine – salute you !

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