Flying Car Available Soon – No Pilot License Necessary – George Jetson Would Be Envious

| July 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

TFX Flying Car200 MPH cruising speed – Computer controlled – anyone can fly this !

TF-X™ is the practical realization of the dream of countless visions of the future; it is designed to be the flying car for all of us.

It seems like something out of a 1960s Jetsons cartoon. Yet it can be operated with a level of safety by anyone thanks to advanced computer control.

In order to achieve this long-sought-after vision, Terrafugia will focus the TF-X™ program with clear goals that enhance the safety, simplicity, and convenience of personal transportation. We believe these goals are achievable today.

Terrafugia’s Transition Street-Legal Airplane is laying the ground work for TF-X as a Poof of Process for flying cars. It is available now for pilots who want to be able to drive their airplane home after landing at an airport.

Find out more at the official T-FX website


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