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Graceling_coverKristin Cashore’s, Graceling is really an amazing book. It is filled with hand to hand action and amazing characters that anyone can familiarize and identify with.

It is placed in a land no one can remember, in seven kingdoms, where they are ones who are gifted to do extraordinary things with regular skills called Graces. These Graced ones, called Gracelings, have two colored eyes. Once a Graceling is born, it immediately becomes possession of the King.

Katsa, a Graceling graced with killing whose eyes are blue and green, works for King Randa of Middluns. She is used by him basically as a secret weapon.

When she meets Po, a man whose eyes are gold and silver, she goes on an unexpected adventure when she refuses to Randa’s command and flees the castle to another place. She gets involved with something she never wanted to happen and thought would never happen, but it did.

I love this book, Graceling, with all my heart, for it is as amazing as anything you could imagine. I was dying for a sequel for it right after I finished the last chapter, last paragraph, last sentence, last word, and last letter.

This book will be enjoyed by all, and I hope it amazes you as it did me.

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