Lego Ninjago: Rebooted

| January 31, 2014 | 6 Comments

ninjago-rebootedFinally, after all we’ve waited for Ninjago is finally back and better (and more mature) than ever! Oh man, I was never this excited waiting for a new series before (not for the Legend of Korra or nothing), and when the season premiere episodes came out, I was literally jumping for joy.

LEGO-Ninjago-NinjaCopterThe story kicks off half a year or so after the final battle between the Overlord and Lloyd, and now Ninjago city is super huge and has advanced technologically. And there is a industry called Borg which crates robots and flying cars and all that kind of awesome junk. Even AIs!

And the ninjas are teachers teaching at a school when they get accepted to go on a field trip to this Borg Industries. So, they go there on a tiny little trip when the most amazing thing happened in the whole entire world of this series.

Zane meets another robot girl and apparently kicks it off, if you know what I mean (oh man, it’s like good old Captain Kirk meeting a girl he likes. There goes that music!). And you can’t stop smiling in that scene, believe me. (And he reflection in his eyes…ah…love at first sight right there for our little Zane!)

And, apparently, there’s some funky business going on with the other ninjas, too. Like Nya was told by this machine that her perfect match was Cole (whoa, now, it’s serious, right? Nya’s with Jay!). This series will probably be pretty mature with all of this going on compared to the earlier stuff.

So let’s watch, and cheer this series on! Ninjago!

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  1. ultimate spinjitzu master says:

    when is episode 3 coming out?

  2. Purple Ninja says:

    oh and another thing, what about nya and cole? is nya going to dump jay and go for cole or what? like u said, this is a pretty mature season. *smiles to myself* i hope nya goes to cole. cole is so much cooler than jay to me.

  3. Purple Ninja says:

    OMG i saw the first two episodes and i couldnt stop smiling! XD zane was so innocent (and extremely cute and handsome) when he met pixel!!! but i have no idea if she really died or not…ill just have to keep watching!

  4. RetroRandy says:

    Happy Lunar New Year of the Horse !!!

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