Metroid Prime – Completed!

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MetroidPrimeLogoWow. At last, after all those times of watching Walk-throughs, endless searches for Chozo artifacts, amazing boss battles, nostalgia from that classic music brought to life with better audio, upgrades that gave me the creeps and those good sighs right when I needed them, and those annoying rooms that required frustration and moments and controller-throwing and pillow-punching, I have completed Metroid Prime.


Samus_Metroid_PrimeI was excited when I first got the Metroid Prime Trilogy pack, and the first game I played in it was Metroid Prime, of course. And I played about three hours on the first day of getting it, resulting in serious finger and shoulder cramps.

And in every moment of the game, I felt this certain awe and respect for the people who created this game and the sequels to this game. In every room I felt like sending Retro Studios a letter with a million “Thank you some much for making this because without this I would have absolutely nothing to dos” on it.

And that final moment, that final boss Metroid Prime, was my favorite part in the game. That final spurt of energy. That final area to explore. That final fight. That final cut-scene. Every part of it was absolutely Spectacular (even though I had a bloodshot eye for four days because of that battle, I still love it dearly). The music was turn way up so that I’d get the full affect. And I did.

Man, it was just so amazing to hear that ending title music. To see those credits and to just watch the names scroll by while just thinking about all I’ve done in this game is amazing.

It’s priceless.

And now, after playing Metroid Prime, I feel this certain…empty feeling in me. Like since it’s all over, I have nothing to do. The game’s over. Gone. Never again will I feel the awe of this game again. Never.

But there’s still three more games! There’s still so much more Metroid junk out there! And I can’t wait to get my hands on it and play! But before then, I think I’m just going to sit down with some snacks, get my headphones on, and replay Prime all over again. And I’ll try to get 100% completion this time!

metroidprimeheader-amazing-spinOnly 81% completed…I’m sure to get 100%! Now all I have to do is just go to all of those places and get those missile expansions, energy cells, and other junk. And I’ll sure enjoy that 100% ending!

See you next mission!

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