Music Making Documentary – The Story and History of the Focusrite Studio Console founded by Rupert Neve

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Focusrite ConsoleThere were a precious few Focusrite consoles ever built. They were used to create music history in the finest studios in the world.

Focusrite began in 1985 by Rupert Neve who designed custom microphone preamps for Sir George Martin (legendary Record Producer – The Beatles, ad infinitum) and many other leading studios and record producers. The ISA-110 preamp was born. This lead to custom consoles built to be the finest ever made at no consideration of cost.

Recording consoles by Rupert Neve are still in use today at fine studios such as Air Studios in the UK. I have personally worked with Neve consoles (I adored the V3) and Focusrite equipment and it is always a very pleasant experience.

This well made documentary is a wealth of information on not only Focusrite and the company’s history in this 25th anniversary year of its founding by Rupert Neve, but also a wealth of music history.

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