New Series of Steins;Gate Incoming?

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Steins Gate GroupEarly in March of this year, a forty second teaser trailer was released for the upcoming new Steins;Gate visual novel called Steins;Gate Zero. And don’t worry – an anime series is also being released and is an adaptation of the visual novel in the same name. Although the release date is still unknown, many interesting features are revealed in the teaser that will keep us hyped till it comes out.

So far, all that is known about the new series of Steins;Gate is that there is an organization known as Amadeus which pulls the main character Okabe into corruption. Also, this series is based in the Beta World Line and not in the Alpha Steins Gate World Line. Which means, Mayuri survives but this Okabe is dealing with the pain of Kurisu’s death.

In the concept art of the new series, you can clearly tell that Okabe is going through a stage of lament (he isn’t wearing his lab coat like always but he’s wearing a black suit and tie). But, there is hope because (as it states in the teaser) Kurisu is still somehow alive.

From all the information collected, we can see that all of the main characters from Steins;Gate will be in Steins;Gate Zero – Okabe, Kurisu, Itaru, Ruka, Moeka, Faris, and many of the minor characters. One needs to think deeply about ALL of the characters that will be in this new series though, since this is in the Beta World Line.

Here’s a tid-bit that the Steins;Gate fans will love! Delving deep in the anime, you’ll remember that when Okabe failed once in saving Kurisu, he viewed a message in his phone from his future self. This “Future Okabe” is most likely the Okabe in the Beta World Line – the Okabe in this new series of Steins;Gate. Also, Mr. Brawn may be dead in this series because of the happenings in the Beta world line in Steins;Gate.

And as for all Steins;Gate fans out there, myself included, the hype is definitely for real.

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