No More Ninjago?

| March 6, 2014 | 1 Comment

ninjago-rebooted-coleWe screamed in joy as we saw those two season premiere episodes! (Seriously, man, I understand how you felt that time. You know, that time in that episode. You know, right? Yeah.) But then as the next week came, we noticed that the third episode never aired.

We all “What the hecked” right there.

Apparently, according the the image below and how much internet I surfed for months, the third episode, along with the rest of the series, will not air till summer. I know, I know. It is freaking sad.

ninjago-rebooted-summerWell, I guess we’ll have to hold out till then.

So, slow down the waterworks, collect all the fanfiction, and be patient. Summer is just a couple of months away. I’ll be waiting with you!

But seriously, let’s take a moment and remember what we saw in those two episodes. Let’s rummage through (Okay…we got Zane and Pixel who’s dead, and we have Techno Blades…okay…and Nya thinks she should be with Cole instead of Jay now…Alright!) So I think that this series should hold a lot of epic junk (and some romantic junk as well?).

I expect a lot from this series. (But the thing with Nya and Jay and Cole? A love triangle thing that’s still a line but will be a triangle soon? Well, that is a bit weird for a kid show. Zane, I can expect they were going to do that, but Nya and Cole and Jay? Seriously? What are these people trying to do to Nya and Jay’s perfect relationship of complete epic awesomness???)

All we can do is wait, I guess (And read that darn fanfiction. Man, fanfiction these days is so good…)

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  1. Misun says:

    Yes! Finally, I got notice that Ninjago is coming back April 16th (this year)! Can’t wait, can’t wait! Now I’ll finally know what happens to Pixel and Zane…

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