Should Link Talk in the Next Zelda Game?

| December 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Link_(Twilight_Princess)All of the Zelda fans out there (including myself, of course) sometimes wonder what it would be like if the next Zelda game had Link and other characters speak. And if so, why couldn’t there be a Zelda game with all of the characters (Link included) talk in the whole game?

We are pretty used to reading what people say and never ever hearing what Link sounds like.

But it would be awesome hearing Link and Zelda’s voice

Of course to me, I think that the player has to be Link, actually. We shouldn’t hear his voice, because we are him. We choose which voice he has in our minds. We also do this for other characters. I think the Zelda games should remain silent.

I don’t know, but I guess that makers will decide, right?

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