Skyward Sword – A Game that Keeps Getting Weirder

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Skyward-Sword-Link-Master-SwordNow, I love Skyward Sword and I never wanted it to end, but some things in this E for Everyone Zelda game just made me shiver and mutter “Wha-?”

For example, that side quest with Cawlin, the overly short and plump blue-haired guy, when you have to deliver a love letter from him a Karane, who has been asking Link how he felt about Pipit, a knight, the whole game up to now.

It seemed like a nice side quest (and I gave the letter to Karane with hesitation, because I knew that in Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask that if you give the hand in the toilet some paper, this case a letter, it would give you a piece of heart), and I smiled the whole time. But when I got to the end…it just got weird.

It seemed like Zelda turned into some kind of a weird soap opera for about two minutes in a tiny cutscene where Cawlin asks Karane her decision, then Pipit comes walking in saying that she should go out with her, and she does, then Cawlin runs away and cries himself to sleep.

PeatriceThen there’s Peatrice, the bored item check shopkeeper that falls in love with Link, like this game can’t get much more soap opera-y.

It is interesting that every time you approach her and talk to her, she said something different, but then started to grow an attachment to you (Link), and would even ask Link to come to her house at night so she could ask if you liked her (while her father was right in the next room). I never saw something like that in a game before, so I was excited.

I even enjoyed it when Fi examined her, saying:  Master, your interest in this young woman is clear. I can see your aura shining brightly with joy in her presence. I strongly recommend that you do not mention this when you next encounter Zelda.

loz-skyward-sword-Zelda-BirdAnd then there’s where you sneak into Zelda’s room with your trusty clawshot and see Headmaster Gaepora taking a nice bath below. And then when you go into Zelda’s room you get a Gratitude Crystal and a piece of heart, you can sit down at her desk and actually read her journal.

It freaked me out at first, too.

But I read it anyways. I was expecting something girly I could laugh at again and again no matter how many times I read it. But it seemed legit. I liked how they only implied Zelda had something going on for Link, but it’s not in her journal.

But, calling this game weird would be¬†definitely weird. Even with all the soap opera Pipit and Karane junk that keeps going on, this game will probably be my favorite Zelda character-wize (there’s too many and they all have they’re own unique personality you can really see).

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