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struck-jenniferbosworthThe book, Struck, by Jennifer Bosworth is an awesome book with awesome characters, storyline, and it makes electric storms feel more special while still being dangerous. This book is amazing.

The main character, Mia Price and her brother, Parker, must struggle to support their lives and their mother’s medications (since she was trapped in a cave when the quake hit) when a quake shakes their home in southern California.

All throughout the book, it tells of Mia’s tale with the Seekers, a secret organization filled with people that can sense a ‘power’ within people, and the ones who follow a false prophet that tells that the world will end in three days, the Followers.

The book takes place in four days with four parts separating the days. So much goes on in so little time, and so much action happens within four days it is so terrifying and awesome it made me read almost 100 pages a day!

This book is truly great, and what hooked me at first was the introduction to the book, (prologue) where the main character Mia tells the tale of her being struck.

My name is Mia Price and I am a lightning addict. I want the lighting to find me. I crave it like lungs crave for oxygen. Nothing makes you feel more alive than being struck.

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  1. bookgirl says:

    Yes! It was fun to read and wasnt all that long to get through. It made me think a lot about Mia.

    • Misun says:

      Yeah, I agree it was short. But let me tell you, I was glued to it like a fly on flypaper for days! And I read it all within just four days! It was an amazing book and had a lot of surprises.

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