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Radio Series One of The Electron Show is now complete and has proven to be a success.

def-thumb_Electron-Magazine_thumbnail_200x200A series runs once a week for six episodes.

Each episode premieres at 6pm EST each Monday as the first episode in a series begins. A seventh episode will be a retrospective compilation of the most memorable moments based on listener email suggestions and cast favorites.

Series one proved to be a technical and content success. The Executive Director / Producer, Tony Rollo, likens Radio Series One of The Electron Show to a “shake down cruise” when a new ship is built and launched. An initial voyage is taken to refine the construction.

Radio Series Two will begin soon and will include many new features and additions.

Sparkle Girl The Electron Show Electron MagazineAmong new format additions will be guest segments that match the mission of Electron Magazine and The Electron Show as well as more music and concert news and interviews which have proven to be popular.

Returning segments will be the surprise favorite “Sparkle Girl” episodes. Although the Sparkle Girl episodes are a minute long and consist of one or two lines from the character, listener reactions were strong as being one of the funniest parts of the show. These short installments are like “an intellectual pie in the face”. Among the favorites is her math teacher explaining that it was not actually possible to trap a zoid (trapezoid).

The core cast of Retro (the show host), Darkeone (Tech Lab), Meletius (Game Lab) and Misun (Teen Correspondent / character actor) will be back.
Joe Crawford Comedian Electron Magazine
Joe Crawford, stand up comedian and popular radio show host based in Canada has become an “anchor comedian” for comedy segues. Other comedians have supplied segue and comedy material, but Crawford has been enthusiastically involved and became a familiar voice with his hilarious one-liner observations on modern life.

Among the new additions to the show format and cast for series two will be a music and concert report segment from Jason McLemore. Jason is Nashville based and travels far and wide to gather interviews, concert reviews and other music and band materials for Electron Magazine. Two new articles will appear soon from a music festival in Jacksonville, Florida and the Rob Zombie concert in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Electron Show will continue to entertain, enlighten and have great comedy into the future.
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