The Electron Show – Radio Series One Episode Two – Grand Theft Auto Special – S1E2

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The Electron Show – Radio Series One Episode Two – S1E2

The Grand Theft Auto Special – Radio series one – episode two –

The Electron Show new episode every Monday

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The Electron Show Grand Theft Auto Special S1E2 Electron MagazineGrand Theft Auto Special Program

Join your host Retro along with Meletius and Darkeone for The Electron Show – the program for the positively charged culture. Of course there is great fun and comedy as always.

Video games, technology, comedy, media and everything else about our 21st century digital culture.

Special funny guys joining the show this week are The Real John Travis from sunny California and from Canada it’s standup comedian and radio host Joe Crawford.


Conversation Pit

In the Conversation Pit, the guys again come up with a great snack and is dubbed “The Healthy Elvis” by Retro. The fun almost gets out of hand with some hilarious conversation.

“The House of Meletius” – built in Minecraft:

Electron Magazine The House of Meletius

Also a report from Meletius from Orlando and the giant MEGACOM convention. The guys also discuss the upcoming annual MTAC anime convention.

We also find out just how tall Meletius is and why he spent a few days sounding like Marlon Brando.
Grand Theft Auto Box Art Montage___

Electron Magazine Tech Lab:

Darkeone discusses his recent catastrophic computer crash and the problem that caused it – which is no doubt building up in your own computer. If you ever wondered where all the dust comes from – this is for you.


Electron Magazine Game Lab:

A special, extended Game Lab where lots of fun ensues. Retro and Meletius admit to never completing the tou helicopter challenge in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Darkeone explains what it takes to beat it. Retro and Meletius remain in astonishment!

Retro, Meletius and Darkeone discuss the Grand Theft Auto series of games from Rockstar Games. Complete with all those fun glitches and tips on how to play better.

The entire series is voted on and rated. Which proves to be quite a challenge.


Special Comedy guests for this episode:

Joe Crawford Comedian Electron MagazineJoe Crawford

Based in Canada

The Real John TravisThe Real John Travis

The Real John Travis on Twitter

Based in California


Electron Magazine presents The Electron Show Grand Theft Auto Show Special S1E2


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    I dont know what I am hearing but I like it!!!!!!!!!! It is crazy different!!!! give more!!!!!!!!!!

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    i like it, keep up the good work :]

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