The Electron Show S1E3 Radio Series One Episode Three

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The Electron Show Radio Series One Episode Three

The Electron Show new episode every Monday

The program for the positively charged culture. Video games, music, technology and things that make a more fun life in this modern 21st century.

There is quite a load of comedy, antics and good information in this episode of The Electron Show. The guys poke fun at Meletius about a possible fan club. Darkeone is concerned it may evolve into a cult following. Retro suggests a secret handshake for “Meletiusites” that involves low hanging tree branches.

Sonic_The_Hedgehog_Zelda_DLCRetro, Meletius and Darkeone discover what Sega has done with Sonic The Hedgehog and the World Of Zelda in the Electron Magazine Game Lab.

Misun gives her opinion which is a great test of this free DLC experiment from Sega.

Jonathan of the music group Big Black Delta is a gamer. During this episode we hear his comments about Half Life and how inspiration comes to him to create his great songs and music.

In the Tech Shop, Retro and Darkeone discuss downloading software vs physical software products with a box and disc and the benefits of both.

Metroid_Prime_TrilogyPlus, how to buy special edition and out of print video games.

Specifically the Metroid Prime Trilogy collection (which contains Metroid Prime 3 Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime 1) that was in used condition compared to finding a copy on an auction site in perfect condition with all the accessories.

In the Conversation Pit, the guys talk about movies and suggest some classic movies to see.

Also, Retro shares his mocha cappuccino frappaccino coffee recipe that gets him going and the easy way to make it at home.

The stand up comedians joining in on this episode is The Real John Travis from California and Stand Up comedian and radio host from Canada, Joe Crawford.


Special Comedy guests for this episode:

Joe Crawford Comedian Electron MagazineJoe Crawford

Based in Canada

The Real John TravisThe Real John Travis

The Real John Travis on Twitter

Based in California



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  1. james says:

    I want to be able to download pizza. That would be cool.

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