The Electron Show S1E4 – Ubisoft / Watch Dogs – Adventure Quest Worlds – Amazon Dash – Radio Series One Episode Four

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The Electron Show Radio – Radio Series One Episode Four – S1E04

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Another adventure in living better and having fun. Gaming, technology, computer games, comedy and eating well. Talk radio has never been like this!

Ubisoft Watch Dogs - Electron MagazineUbisoft and a preview of the new video game release of Watch Dogs is featured discussion in the Area 52 Game Lab.

Retro, Meletius and Darkeone compare the new Watch Dogs game to other Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed as well as comparing the company to rivals Blizzard Entertainment and Electronic Arts.

In the Electron Magazine Tech Shop, Retro and Darkeone discuss the new device for grocery shopping from Amazon called the DASH. Will it change grocery shopping forever? Connected with Amazon Fresh grocery site, DASH is being introduced in Southern California, San Francisco and Seattle.

Adventure Quest Worlds - Electron MagazineCan we download a pizza?

There is a special report on Adventure Quest Worlds from Misun. AQ is an online adventure game that appeals to a wide age group. We analyze how appropriate and “family friendly” this online game could be for all ages.

Click HERE to visit for more on Adventure Quest Worlds

CLICK HERE for Parents Information website for Adventure Quest Worlds

Electron_Magazine_pinwheel_snack_recipeIn the Conversation Pit, Meletius begins running out of steam until Retro offers a recipe that brings him back to life and it is soon realized that this is another tasty way to be popular with the ladies.

Pinwheel snacks are found at all the best parties. But they can be made very easily and inexpensively at home and can be quick fuel during intense gaming sessions.

Retro’s version is quite simple. A flour tortilla with a very thin layer of cream cheese. Then a pile of raw spinach and sliced turkey.

Roll that up and you will see that the insides want to hang out from the rolling. Take a second flour tortilla and lay down thin stripes of cream cheese, roll the first roll in the second tortilla that becomes the outer casing. The cream cheese acts as glue to hold it all together.

Use a very sharp knife to cut into one half inch wheels. Put those on a plate with plastic wrap and store in the ‘fridge for an hour or so. You can also hear a great trick on how to freeze them.


Special Comedy guests for this episode:

Joe Crawford Comedian Electron MagazineJoe Crawford

Based in Canada


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