The Electron Show S1E06 – Science Fiction author Dan Haight – Show Announcer Mystery Revealed – Dueling Arnolds

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We have a humorous exchange with Science Fiction author Dan Haight. His latest book of the dystopia genre, Iron Mountain is the second addition to his SciFi dystopian book series which began with the book Flotilla. Retro is especially enjoying Dan’s books because they are true SciFi based on real science facts.

Dan was once a radio professional before turning author and has quite an arsenal of character voices. It was difficult to conduct a serious dialog, but some great discussion ensued about San Francisco Bay Area, the creative process and the joys and sorrows of technology.

An very funny opportunity arose as Retro challenged Meletius and Dan Haight to have a duel as a pair of Arnonds, as in the Terminator and other movie characters. “Dueling Arnolds” is the result and is quite classic.

An email was received complaining that the show announcer, “Mystery” sounds “machine like”. So the true identity of Mystery (Miss Teri) is revealed with comical results.

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The software and hardware for Mystery is a bit temperamental. Is Mystery a artificial intelligence or a polymorphic lifeform ?

Darkeone seems to be missing. The mystery is solved when Retro and Meletius finally track Darkeone down in the Electron Infirmary.

More insight is gained about the secret facility of Electron Magazine and The Electron show. Retro and Meletius finally find out that Darkeone was working on a router problem in Master Control while Retro and Meletius were improving things in the break room.

Meletius had seen Darkeone earlier in the Electron Magazine facility commissary and commented that Darkeone looked a bit “rough”. Then Darkeone becomes missing when it is time to have the guest from Area 11, the Conversation Pit.

The_Electron_Show_S1E6_Science_Fiction_Author_Dan_HaightRetro uses Mystery to find Darkeone. However, Mystery is quite temperamental in operation.

The Electron Show Radio Series One was filled with discovery and comedy. As Radio Series One of The Electron Show comes to a close, Radio Series Two will have more great guests and information as we discover more about the secret Electron Facility Complex.

A retrospect “best of” show that looks back on the best moments of Radio Series One will be next week. We look forward to The Electron Show Radio Series Two beginning on schedule.

The Electron Show is Produced and directed by Tony Rollo.


Special Comedy guests for this episode:

Joe Crawford Comedian Electron MagazineJoe Crawford

Based in Canada


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  1. droog says:

    Dan was cool with the book but the sausage loaf was great. I tried it

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