The Hardest Metroid Prime Game

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Metroid_Prime_2_Echoes_LogoThe Hardest Metroid Prime Game? Any Metroid fan who played the Prime games would know this right off the bat. The hardest Prime game is the second game in the Prime series: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes for the GameCube (well, it was released for Wii, too, in the Trilogy version).

But you’re probably like, “How freaking hard is this thing?” So let me explain in parts.

How Hard was this Game Anyway?

facepalm-star-trekVery, very very, very, very.

Believe me, this game is very hard. I’ve had it for quite a while now, but I’m stuck on one point in the game where you have to get these nine keys to this temple filled with awesome junk.

It seems like every room is a puzzle in itself. And it always takes thirty minutes (I’m sorry, but I’m exaggerating here. It really takes about five minutes. Ten to fifteen if it’s really tough, unless you watch a walkthrough) or so to complete a room!

How could someone not be frustrated about that? Seriously!

Why was This So Freaking Hard?

For one, if you die in a Boss fight, you are sent back to your last save at the place you saved last (wherever that pesky Save Station is). I know how frustrating this is.

metroid-prime-2-missile-expansionI played for about two hours straight, and I never saved during the time I played because there was really no Save Stations around. (Plus I never thought of it.) Then I got to the Quadraxis Boss, and I was all excited, and then I died horribly.

Then, expecting to be brought back to the beginning of the battle, I was sent back to my last save. Yes, that’s right. All of my work I had done for two whole hours was gone. Poofed in thin air. Ka-poofy. Bye-bye save file, because I wasn’t motivated at all to play that game for a whole week after that happened to me.

So is Being Hard Bad in This Game?

Well, not exactly. Everyone wants some challenge every now and then, but having it every second (and this hard) isn’t really what the gaming doctor ordered. Having a hard game is great! But…well…this doesn’t really say the same.

If anyone has beat this game and has had no trouble at all with it they either: A) looked it up on the Internet, which you probably did, or B) are the most smartest genius in the world and should be the next Albert Einstein.

But this game isn’t bad because it’s hard. It’s just…really hard.


And the Conclusion?

This game is freaking hard. If you’re going to play it, you’re going to have one heck of a great frustratingly agonizingly happy time playing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, for the GameCube and Wii Trilogy version.

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