Twenty Minutes Into The Future – The Original Max Headroom

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max-headroom-1985Crank up the DeLorean time machine. Imagine it’s 1984 and the biggest pop culture icon ever to hit the air waves was an invasion from the UK.

MAX HEADROOM was just a warning sign before Edison Carter (ace television news reporter) cracked his skull on one of those signs. And being the last thing he remembered, his artificial digital self believed his name was indeed Max Headroom.

Max Headroom was created in the early 1980s by director team Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton. The character was portrayed by actor Matt Frewer and became “The World’s first computer-generated TV host”

This is the original classic Max Headroom story that started it all: (ADULT LANGUAGE)

After that historic television program in the UK, Max Headroom was seen in the USA and was enthusiastically accepted by the hungry pop culture of the middle 1980s.


Max headroom faceAn American version of the show was devised and ran as a series with all the cast replaced except for Matt Frewer who revised the character.

The Americanized television series version of Max Headroom was badly made and poorly written.

The American television series didn’t last long but the character of Max Headroom took popular culture by storm. He was seen on popular talk shows to an advertising campaign for a cola drink.



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