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Ryman Auditorium Nashville Electron MagazineSince 1994 Weezer has been cutting the charts and touring from city to city and country to country. But it has finally happened, the band made it to the “Mother Church”. The historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

While the band has made tour stop in Nashville before, it has never been at such an historic and treasured venue in the heart of music lovers all over the world.

In the past Weezer has played such Nashville venues as, the ace of clubs, 328 Performance Hall, Municipal auditorium, and our long since closed Starwood Amphitheatre, but now they have arrived to play their hearts out and perform their first two albums, the Blue Album, and Pinkerton in their entirety at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

Each night was part of the memories tour representing their first two albums, each night began with the track Memories from their last album Hurley that was followed by a slue of hits in reverse chronological order down to the year of the album they would be performing that very night.

Each night had a different set of hits that the band would perform along with one B-Side track from that night’s album. Along with the good tones and historic atmosphere came an energy I have never felt in the Ryman; I have attended fifty-one shows at that venue, but none have been as energetic and fun loving as this one.

Weezer at the Ryman in Nashville Electron MagazineDuring songs such as El Scorcho the crowd had become so excited that the main floor bowed and shook, and during songs like Island in the sun off their Green Album, the crowd passed out the beach balls and turned the show into a real party.

What I was most pleased by was that they played their B-Side from the Blue Album, Suzanne, which they performed as an acoustic set around one Shure 55SH series II cardioid dynamic microphone (aka, the Elvis microphone).

Weezer at the Ryman in Nashville Electron MagazineWe were also privileged to hear many hits while the band rotated positions on stage. During the song Photograph off the Maladroit album, Pat and Rivers switched and we got to see Rivers tear it up on the drums while Pat gave vocals a shot.

While we got to see the band rotate vocal parts and instruments, Rivers seven-year-old daughter, Mia Cuomo on keys for one song each night, also surprised us when she came out to rock it with dad and her band of uncles.

Between the hits set and that evening’s album, each night had its own slide show presentation. The slide presentations were on the history of the band during the time of that album. They began with a screen shot of their first website design for the Rebel Weezer Alliance, and ended with the albums cover art, after which the band came out to play the album in it’s entirety.
Weezer at the Ryman in Nashville Electron Magazine
Each night had it’s own atmosphere and crowd, with the exception of the die-hard Weezer fans who made it to both nights.

When the band began the album part of the show the atmosphere changed as if we took a trip back in time, and as a fan it was almost like listening to them again for the first time.

I have heard these albums played in my Walkman, car, and iPod so many times that one would think that I’d not need to see it done live, but if anyone has ever had the chance to see an album preformed in its entirety, they can tell you that it is something special.

Each night brought with it a new way to look at the album, and more ways to enjoy it each time you press play. On both nights the band left the stage after playing their hearts out only to leave those in attendance in awe of those amazing nights, and memories that will last a lifetime.


– Jason McLemore / Electron Magazine Concert Correspondent


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