Which is Scarier: Slender or Amnesia?

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In my time of PC gaming, I’ve come on two horror games that are my favorites: Amnesia and Slender. I love these games, but I don’t even dare touch them because of the horror they put into me (in fact, I can’t even walk down a dark hallway or turn a corner after I play them).

But, there is a question: Which is scarier, Slender and all of its games or Amnesia and all of its titles?

slender-in-the-room-creepySlender was actually the first PC horror game that I ever even experienced and had a major effect on. I mean, seriously, look at that picture. It’s freaking freaky. When I saw the game, I was excited really (I didn’t even know it was a horror game then), and I really wanted to play it. But…well, after I did see what it was, I didn’t even wanted to fool with it anymore.

slender-notes-8The whole game is simple, really. You’re in a fenced in forest for some reason that’s unexplained, and you need to find 8 notes (or 20 dollars depending on the mode you select). And while you run around in circles like an idiot trying to find the notes (or the 2o dollars) a strange figure will start to stalk you.


And what’s even creepier is, is that when the game was first released, it didn’t say anything about a Slenderman. It only said that you needed to find 8 notes (or whatever mode you pick to play) in a forest.

Amnesia-monsterAmnesia sends chills down my spine, and somehow I only play this at night. Amnesia has a plethora of monsters like the Servant Grunt, Servant Brute, Gatherer, the Shadow, Manpig, and many others that scares the living poop out of us. I hesitated playing this game, but I eventually did and thus, my phobia of darkness and horrible zombie creatures formed.

amnesia-bruteIn many of the Amnesia games, the player is featured in a creepy mansion, castle, or any large place. In all of the stories, basically the main objective is to escape the area you are in. You’ll encounter monsters and whatnot, and puzzles are everywhere.

This game is creepy to the max, but let’s get back to our question: What really is creepier and scarier, Slender or Amnesia?

Well, in my opinion, Slender is much creepier because it is based in the dark (unless you do daytime mode), contains no blood unlike many horror games out there which is even creepier (I mean, what does Slenderman do to those kids he kills?), has no music in the beginning and then drums (or the characters heartbeat as some say) sound creepily, and has one monster that stalks you all throughout the game.

You see, the mind creates people’s greatest nightmares. The imagination is why horror movies, suspense films, and anything creepy really creeps us out. That’s why after I heard about Slenderman and started seriously surfed the internet and saw creepy pictures I didn’t dare walk into a dark room, hallway, or anything. I even started hearing things.

SlendermanAnd think about it. A very tall, thin man that wears a black suit and tie, has no face, stalks you around a forest, and seems to always be behind you or around any corner is just plain creepy. Completely creepy.

But what do you think? Comment!

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